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COA 602 Coastal Processes 2 Fall


Class Syllabus (Word)


PART I: Primary Producers of Marine and Coastal Environments (4 Lectures):


L1: Oceanic/ Estuarine Phytoplankton (PowerPoint)

Additional readings: Microalgae (PDF)


L2: Seaweeds and Coastal Habitats (PowerPoint)

Additional readings: Macroalgae (PDF), Kelps (PDF), Coral Reefs (PDF)


L3: Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (PowerPoint)

Additional readings: Seagrasses (PDF), Seagrass Meadows (PDF)


L4: Saltmarshes and Mangroves (PowerPoint)

Additional readings: Saltmarshes (PDF), Mangroves (PDF),


Additional readings are taken mostly from Clinton Dawes, 1998, Marine Botany, 2nd Edition


PART 2: Benthic Biotic Processes in Marine and Coastal Environments (5 Lectures):

L1: Benthic Trophic Dynamics (PDF)

L2: Benthic Microbial Processes (PDF)

L3: Ecosystem Role of the Benthos (PDF)

L4: Benthic Subsystems (PDF)

L5: Maintenance of Benthic Diversity (PDF)

PART 3: Land-Margin Processes in Marine and Coastal Environments (4 Lectures):

All lecture notes can be downloaded as PDF files from Mark's teaching webpage:

L1: Biotic Gradients; Fisheries Production; Adaptations of Land Margin Biota

L2: Land Margin Trophic Dynamics; Biotic Interactions at the Land Margin

L3: Marsh-Surface Coupling; Onshore-Offshore Coupling

L4: Landscape View of Coastal Function; Living Resource "Nursery" Function Complexity

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