COA 608 Water Quality - Fall 2011


Class Syllabus (Word)


PART I: Water Quality Sondes (5 Lectures):


L1: Temperature and pH

Powerpoint file (1.9 Mb)

Temperature info (PDF)

pH info (PDF)

Lab 1 results (Excel)


L2: Salinity and Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.)

Powerpoint file (1.2 Mb)

Salinity info (PDF)

DO info (PDF)

Lab 2 results (Excel)


L3: Turbidity (NTU) and Chlorophyll Fluorescence

Powerpoint file (11.3 Mb)

Turbidity_Chl info (PDF)

Lab 3 results (Excel)


L4: Calibration and Deployment

Powerpoint file (2 Mb)

Cal hints and tips (PDF)

Hydrolab cal (PDF)

YSI cal (PDF)

Lab 4 results (Excel)


L5: Retrieval and QA/QC

Powerpoint file (4.5 Mb)

Lab 5 results (Excel)



Examples of previous year mid-term exam questions: 2009, 2010


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